Episode 19: One Good Idea

3:48 PM
rick the wheelbarrel has a flat
ok then it has a fwat
What do you need the wheelbarrow for?
pennant fever rick
everybodys playing baseball in the vacant lot behind the bodega
And this involves my wheelbarrow how?
ok so mittens is pitching right
of course he is.
so he jumps in the wheelbarrel
and he gets pushed toward home plate
like super fast
and then the batter tries to jump at just the right time and knock over the wheelbarrel
and if mittens falls out he has to chase the batter around the bases
first base is that big elk head from rays store
second base is a pile of rusty scrap metal
third base is this crazy huge hole the kids dug
Those all sound kind of... dangerous.
i know
its exactly what baseball has been missing
What happens if Mittens doesn't fall out?
then the batter is out and mittens gets to shoot at him
with danny caldwells bb gun
Danny from down the street?
nice kid
He traps dogs in his back yard and shoots them in the butt, Lou.
like i said
hero is as hero does rick
Wait, how does Mittens aim the gun?
well he sorta doesnt
i mean he bats at it for a minute and eventually it just kinda goes off
he hasnt hit anybody yet
but he hits things sometimes
speaking of which
The wheelbarrow has a fwat, yes. I get it now.
So Ray is ok with this?
hes umpiring
It's going to be a busy week, I'll fix the flat over the weekend.
rick its the playoffs
4:14 PM
4:34 PM
The weekend, Lou.
not that
i want to get real for a sec
Um, ok.
rick do you ever feel like youre like
you know
in the middle of missing an opportunity
like you could be something
or part of something
way way bigger
Every day.
like you dont want to wake up one day and realize you blew it
I've done that before.
And yeah, I guess, to answer your question... I will probably always worry that I'll do it again.
i want to make a mark rick
I figure most everyone does.
but like a really big mark
a legacy of real impact
i want to make the world wake up
I've always believed a very ambitious individual can achieve anything they want.
realize the error of its ways
revisit some policies
deliver freedom to the deserving masses everywhere
Well, sure, although it's important to identify attainable goals
end unjust occupations and recognize sovereignty through total destruction of unwelcome power
I'm not sure what you're talking about now.
crush the oppressors by dramatically and instantaneously eliminating sources of greed both real and symbolic
I think maybe we need to have a chat about your mood swings with your doctor
blow a fiery revolution sized hole in evil interests domestic and international
create a disruption so massive that no hint of the old ways remain
so devastating that the victims cant even be named
so clear in purpose that its influence on the new reality is unmistakable
so the whole world will be forced to stop what its doing and take notice
This is making me a little uncomfortable.
to remember
lou did that
that was lou
Maybe it's time you tell me exactly what you're planning.
or at least leave behind like one decent quote that takes on a life of its own
something people identify with
That's good, go with that.
or the other thing would be cool too
i know some guys
brb i gotta make poopies
5:03 PM
what about you
...what about me?
your mark
your legacy
what is it
Well.. I'm not sure, I guess. I mean, I like to think I've made something of myself already...
no but for reals what are people gonna remember of you
I've made things, I've meant something in peoples' lives!
but you dont want to change the world
you dont want to be in history books and stuff
memorial libraries
Not really.
breakfast cereals
The thing is, these days I'm trying to remind myself that we're here to live. Just to live. To be able to say we did our best, tried to be kind, stuff like that.
wow rick
thats very noble
It is what it is.
ok well in that case its super super boring
Alright smart guy, what should I be doing with my life?
im not here to tell you what to do rick
but you gotta take the bull by the horns
man is what he believes
opportunities multiply as they are seized
the world is a butt canvas
That's "but a canvas"
that makes no sense
I agree yours is better.
look rick alls im saying is this
youre not a smart guy
Thanks for that.
youre not especially good looking either
really kind of old if you think about it
you dont have any money and nobody listens to you
I honestly can't wait to see where this is going.
but one thing you do have
is a cat who believes you can overcome all of that to do something special
something that lasts
I have to admit, that was a pretty good payoff.
you just need a killer idea rick
something that inspires you
something that will inspire the world
change it forever
liberate the proletariat with one explosively violent strike from the fist of freedom
Wait, what?
and i believe you have the ability to make it happen
The part about one good idea - I like that, Lou. I can run with that.
now rick
come on home
its dinner time
Alright buddy, give me like twenty more minutes.
5:32 PM
headed out the door, what
grab a tire patch kit on the way home
Will do, see you in a bit
RickDickens77 has gone offline
and some guys from the home depot parking lot who look like they know how to build a compound