Episode 18: Out With the Old, In With the Lou

1:06 PM
Hey Lou
whats up rick
rickety rickles
pickles mcrickles
Uhhh what got into you?
im in a good mood rick
had a solid christmas
looking forward to a fresh start
Yeah actually I wanted to talk to you about tonight, it's New Year's Eve
uh oh
dont wreck this mood rick
It's nothing bad, I just wanted to give you the heads up that I'm looking to have a few friends over tonight.
yeah no prob
you know i like your friends
except steve
and don
and sara
who are you inviting
Steve, Don and Sara.
That's pretty much all of my friends.
rick weve been over this
I know, and I still don't understand what the problem is.
i told you
steve smells like dog
He has one.
don smells like poopies
I don't think that's true.
and sara smells like don
Like poop?
youd think so but no
more like
i dont know
essence of don
don extract
she smells more like don than don does
How does that even make sense?
cat thing maybe
Alright well look, you can hang in my room all night then. I'll put on a movie for you or something.
what movie
You name it, I'll pick it up on the way home.
But they're coming over, fair warning.
something good for reflecting on a year gone by
reconciling the future with the past
my dinner with andre maybe
the big chill
Whatever you want.
speaking of the year gone by
what are your new years resolutions rick
besides losing weight
Well I do want to get fit
like a lot of weight
I'd also like to volunteer at the soup kitchen, maybe do some writing.
Why, what are your resolutions
gotta be honest rick im kinda living the life here
not much to aspire to
but when i ask myself
what can you do for you
i think maybe id like to work on stress management
more naps
more baffs
more me time
You time.
sure it might interfere with some other plans
like teaching a grooming class
and the advice blog
Of course.
but one cat can only give so much you know
You can't save the world by yourself.
not this year no
3:59 PM
where do you keep your soldering iron
hold up, I don't even have a soldering iron and WHAT the hell are you doing
who doesnt have a soldering iron
I don't, now what are you doing
you know that water thing from christmas
The fountain thing I gave you?
yeah that
its nice but i feel like it could be so much more
And this means you need a soldering iron because...
well the pump isnt going to upgrade itself
Lou, stop whatever you're doing, I don't want you playing with electronics
its totally safe rick ive done this kind of thing before
you what?
all the time
who do you think fixed the dvd player
I wasn't sure who broke it until now.
rick its simple
see you got your ac from the wall but the capacitance of the diodes and the amp resistance makes it only like
i dont know
a few thousand volts or something
also i licked it and it just made my tongue taste funny
and im keeping one foot on happy carrot
so that probably does something
some safety thing
Lou, look, I know *I* don't know what you're talking about and I'm very concerned that you don't either
I don't think the pump needs to be upgraded, so please just leave it alone and I'll be home in a bit.
well i already took this bad boy from the washing machine
gonna get some serious force behind my beverage cycling
wicked brutal aeration rick
you took a part from my washing machine?
our washing machine
and yes
uhhh hello
who has two paws and is good with tools
Ok stop, stop
You don't need to be doing this
On top of that you have no idea WHAT you're doing
look rick just because you dont understand it doesnt mean i dont
its just math
Your grasp on numbers is legendarily weak, Lou
electronics is simpler than that though i mean i get it because its basically the same as plumbing
Your history with plumbing is worse than your math.
rick listen
this conversation is getting frustrating
tell me about it.
id love to spend all afternoon explaining applied sciences to you but the coffee table is on fire
kind of busy
My coffee table is ON FIRE?!
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btw i want major league 3