Episode 4 : Oh Look, Oregano

11:14 AM
i just wanted to tell you i love you man
Um... I love you too.
no but i love you man
What is going on
oh shit what was that
Are you ok Lou?
im freaking out a little man
What do you mean?
hey did you ever notice how weird that lamp by the door is
i mean for reals that is a messed up lamp
Have you been in the grocery bag on the counter?
been in it man i ate it
Ate what exactly?
the bag
Wait... the whole bag?
it had that leafy stuff you put in soup and things
you know i love that stuff
i cant be trusted around it
Lou that was catnip, it was supposed to be a surprise
oh it was a surprise alright
Not as much of a surprise as the bag will be.
you arent kidding man
im already getting turtle head going with that thing
11:47 AM
Lou I don't have time to talk you down from whatever kind of trip you're on
wheres the fire extinguisher man
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